Lunar Command

Languages: C#, XNA, MySQL, PHP

Platform: Mobile (Windows Phone)

Date Published: May 2015

This is a Missile Command clone that was originally an class assignment in 2011, which I've recently decided to port to Windows Phone. I also added online leaderboards using PHP and MySQL as part of the port and am thinking of also porting it to Android in the future.

Lights Off 3D

Languages: C#, XNA / Java, libGDX

Platform: Mobile (Windows Phone, Android)

Date Published: December 2011

This is an extension of the popular game Lights Out, but instead of being confined to a 2D grid, the grid wraps around a surface of a cube to add an extra dimension of difficulty.


Languages: C#, XNA

Platform: Mobile (Windows Phone)

Date Published: December 13, 2011

This is a Mastermind clone, where you need to guess the order and the colours of the pegs only given the information given back in terms of the pips (Red: right colour in the right spot, or White: right colour in the wrong spot).