About Me

My name is Andy Chmilenko and I currently reside in the GTA area on Ontario Canada. I have a B.Sc in Honours Physics with an Astrophysics Specialization and an Ontario Advanced Diploma from George Brown Collage for Game Programming.

I started to explore technology early on in my teens with summer programs to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, program animations and "sites" in Flash, building pages in Dreamweaver, and modelling and animation in 3DS Max. From this experience was able to acquire and set up a dedicated server machine using Windows Server 2003 and began to run various websites and servers since.

Shortly after I began programming in highschool by the age of 16 using VB6 and quickly became enchanted with the idea of games and programming. I quickly began to experiment with sockets (especially since I hosted my own dedicated server from home) creating chat programs and online score tables with MySQL, as well as blitting techniques for animation. The year after I quickly moved onto C++ and began to develop my object oriented programming skills.

I decided to follow my other passion for Physics and Mathematics and took an offer at the University of Waterloo to pursue my degree in Honours Physics. In the first two years I acquired strong skills in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Kinematics and Classical Mechanics, as well as taking several programming electives and sharpening up my skills with DrScheme (Lisp/DrRacket), C, C++, learning valuable memory management, memory structure, data structure, and algorithmic skills. After my second year it felt as if something was missing in my life and I decided to advance my study in programming specifically to do with games and took time off after completing my second year at the University of Waterloo.

I enrolled in the first year that George Brown offered their Game Programming program and was among one of the first to graduate the program. I learned a lot of skills and languages which are largely outlined in my portfolio, that include Flash AS3, C# programming, XNA, Unity, DirectX, OpenGL, and various other topics. I also took this time to advance my own areas of interest by advancing my C++ skill learning Ogre3D, PhysX 2.8 and PhysX 3.x, BOOST, V8, and LUA. I also worked on a personal project creating a Python interface for a file sharing paradigm known as ADC (Advanced Direct Connect) for the ADCH++ hub software.

After working on many projects and collaborative efforts over the 3 year program and getting my Ontario Advanced Diploma in Game Programming, I went back to finish my 3rd and 4th year at the University of Waterloo for Honours Physics, where I polished my skills in report writing and numerical analysis with lab reports, scientific programming methods and numerical integration with projects such as Stellar Modelling, and mathematical methods for various high level physics problems such as General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Fourier Analysis and Transformations, Complex and Differential Analysis, and many other topics.

Now I am spreading my wings and looking to work with fun and interesting people to solve complex and exotic problems making games!